Flexa Millennium

Laminator for hot and cold lamination, for high precision and large production runs - working width 1600 mm

Laminator for hot and cold double sided lamination, for high precision work and large production runs. Professional laminator designed for mounting, lamination, encapsulation, heat transfer of pictures, laying of application tape and double-sided adhesive easily and precisely, even with large quantities of work. The replacement and setting of materials to be used takes only a few seconds. The extraction of the roll and the locking of a new one is extremely easy, thanks to the wide access space.
The front vacuum top makes easy the lamination of paper for electrostatic printers or very thin ones, keeping them perfectly straight. The front unwinding unit ensures the perfect alignment of the backing to be protected that can be rewound after lamination on the back motorized shaft.
The temperature of the rubber-coated rollers is independently adjustable up to a maximum of 180° C. This wide range of adjustments allows many different uses and the application of different materials on the two sides of the print. The pair of rear traction rollers with forced cooling system ensures that the heat laminated print remains perfectly flat.
The roll shafts are all equipped with ‘no-wear’ electromagnetic brakes and clutches with electronic regulation.
The control keyboard enables to keep all the machine functions under control, adjusting temperatures, advancement speed, motor-driven lifting of the upper roller, pressure between rollers and working size, showing all the information on the displays.
The greatest care has been taken to ensure safety with an initial check-up of anticrushing photosensitive unit near the rollers. It is also kept under control while the machine is working with constant testing. If the advancement is blocked because the emergency button has been pressed or the cell of the photosensitive unit has been crossed, the machine will stop immediately blocking the rotation of the rollers. In addition, there are five memory areas that can be used to set the most frequent adjustments with one-touch functions.
Starting time can be set to ensure that the machine is ready to work at the required time.

• Solid steel frame powder-painted on castors and adjustable feet
• Removable steel worktops for easy material transport to rollers
• 7 roll shafts in stainless steel 
• Easy rolls loading system with ESABLOCK® rings 
• High release silicone rubber coated rollers
• Standard motorized lifting of rollers
• Independent electronic temperature setting for upper and lower roller (max 180° C)
• Digital display to show: feeding speed, pressure between rollers, rollers nip, upper and lower rollers surface temperatures, and brakes/clutches values
• Electronically adjustable speed
• Electronic setting of the electromagnetic clutches and brakes 
• Anti-crushing safety photosensitive device and emergency push-buttons 
• Feeding system with control keyboard or foot pedal to keep hands free to move the material
• Ergonomic user-friendly panel control



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