Main applications
  • Flexface billboards
  • Indoor and outdoor signage
  • Indoor decoration, wallpapers
  • Backlit & double-sided
  • Exhibition and event banners
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Floor and window graphics

ColorPainter H3-104S

The new ColorPainter H3-104s offers 104-inch (2,642mm) wide-format printing in 8 colors, with speeds up to 56.6m²/h (609 sfph). The high-speed printing capability of the H3-104s was developed specifically to address the growing demand for high productivity from the signage and indoor graphics markets.

The ColorPainter H3-104s uses the low-odor eco-solvent SX inks which have already earned a good reputation as part of the ColorPainter M-64s for providing rich, bold colors that last longer outdoors. The H3-104s also inherits the product concept of “Color On Time – Fast, Precise and Reliable.” It delivers unmatched productivity and quality while reducing the impact on the environment, thanks to the integration of advanced technology to maximize the performance of SX inks.

SX Low Odor Inks

The newly-developed eco solvent SX inks offer a wide color gamut, high vividness, high density, excellent outdoor durability and low running costs in addition to the low level of odor. Overall performance of SX inks meets the customers demand for higher productivity and better workplace environment.

SX inks are certified to GREENGUARD Gold standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air (read more).

SX ink is also approved for use in Nordic Ecolabelled Printing Companies. Nordic Ecolabelled Printing Companies can manufacture their own products using SX ink (read more).

The ColorPainter™ H3-104s and its SX Ink are now available in EMEA with the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty as well.

Large Capacity Ink bags + Subcartridges

The ColorPainter H3-104s utilizes efficient 1.5-liter ink bags and subcartridges to support continuous high volume printing. Subcartridges allow you to replace ink on the fly without interrupting print jobs.


Exceptional productivity

Integrating Smart Pass Technology 4 with Dynamic Dot Printing Technology, the ColorPainter H3-104s accomplishes breakthrough print speed with low-odor eco solvent inks and further enhances image quality.
With its fastest print mode at 56.6*smph (609 sfph), the ColorPainter H3-104s is a perfect fit for printing large format banners and high volume printing in short turnaround times.

Automatic Print Adjustment

The ColorPainter H3-104s includes new optical sensors that automatically perform both media advance and bi-directional position adjustment. The operator does not have to make complicated manual adjustment when a new media has been installed or when the print mode has been changed. This new automatic print adjustment ensures high quality printing even for first time users.

Advanced CP_Manager Software

Developed specifically for the ColorPainter printers, CP_Manager, the bundled controller software, allows operators to operate printers from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Operators can communicate and manage the H3-104s by email and Twitter through CP_Manager.

Mesh Printing Kit**

Optional mesh print ink tray enables printing on mesh banner without liner.

Double-Sided Printing Support
Alignment line is printed to support double-sided printing. You can easily align the reverse side and face side along the lines.

SSS - Safe Scanning System

SSS minimizes the damage on the print surface due to the print heads touching the media. You can choose from four operating modes according to your needs. When contact between the print heads and the media is detected, you can quickly pause the job, correct the media, and then resume the print job without canceling it. This reduces wasted time, ink and media.

DDP - Dynamic Dot Printing Technology

Dynamic Dot Printing Technology controls and optimizes dot size to produce rich, bold and glossy colors with fine details. DDP also creates high density printing without any loss in speed, giving the ColorPainter H3-104s backlit film capabilities.

SP4 - Smart Pass Technology

With improved algorithms and masking technology, the 4th generation of Smart Pass Technology now more effectively reduces overspray and eliminates pass-to-pass banding. Optimizing the effect for each print mode, SP4 brings superb image quality to versatile applications.

SNM2 - Smart Nozzle Mapping

OKI’s unique nozzle compensation function evolves to the next level. Smart Nozzle Mapping re-maps clogged nozzles so you can continue to print with perfect image quality. SNM2 can significantly reduce downtime and boost your productivity.

Gray and Light Gray Ink

With Gray and Light Gray inks, the Color- Painter H3-104s is capable of expressing real gradation, light shadows and metallic texture which can not be achievable with composite colors.


NEW! 3 years warranty

ΟΚΙ offers an extended 3-year warranty for printer and printheads.

* Print speed of printing on 104” wide media
** Expected image quality is not guaranteed due to the slight individual difference among the printers and media. Be sure to perform test print beforehand. OKI Data Infotech does not guarantee all mesh



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