Apollo 155

Impulse welding machine - working width 1550 mm, welding width 20 mm

Apollo 155 employs a brand new impulse technology for the welding of PVC fabrics and many other materials. This new technology represents the ultimate alternative to high-frequency, hot-air and hot-wedge systems. In addition it provides many different benefits compared to traditional solutions used until now. Depending on the model it is possible to make a welding of over 5 meter length without showing any joints in a very short cycle time. The installation of Apollo systems is less expensive and offers better utilization than traditional systems. Apollo 155 can work with Teflon and silicone impregnated materials. Other than high-frequency welding system, the impulse welding technology is not dangerous at all and is completely environmentally safe, because there is no exposure to any electromagnetic field. For this reason it can be placed close to printing machines and computers without creating any risk.

Apollo 155 can weld two parts of material one over the other, or create a hem pocket as reinforcement. Another kind of reinforcement is possible by using a strip welded on the edge of the billboard, where the eyelets will be set. The heating elements used for welding operations utilize the impulse technology which allows a precise joint and avoids pleads and damage of the fabric.

Thanks to a brand new special thermo-adhesive material, the machine even allows to permanently apply to different kinds of fabrics such as polyester, canvas, cotton and many more on top of each other.

The machine has two welding elements: a lower bar integrated in the working bench, and a top one, vertically moving. When working, the heating bar on the top descends, pressing the material against the lower counter bar. Temperature, time, and pressure are electronically controlled and guarantee a perfect joint of the welded material. This new and precise temperature control device guarantees a uniform welding seam, even after many sequential cycles. Both welding bars are protected by a thin Teflon film preventing the welded material from sticking to them.

The integrated touch screen control panel allows a constant control of the heating temperature and cooling time. The user-friendly software contains up to 39 memories and many more utilities. For specific jobs and requirements it is possible to heat only one bar - the top or the lower one - as needed. The control panel is connected to the interior PLC to control all different machine functions. It is possible to save and recall specific settings as well as the type of welding required for a particular material.

Thanks to strong wheels and its particular design, the machine can easily and rapidly be moved along the working area. Strong and reliable, with very low cost of maintenance, Apollo 155 will enable you to meet all your welding demands for many years to come.



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