Flexadome is a brand new system to apply resin giving a 3D effect to PVC and polyester labels and many
other materials.

The traditional system of doming in two components, resin and catalyst, involves a series of problems: the need to mix the two elements and clean the mixer with loss of material, the emission of unpleasant odors, the presence of toxic substances, tight deadlines of use due to hardening of the mixed resin, the possible creation of micro bubbles in the resin because the product is sensitive to moisture, and not least the production of waste, which make the working operations not very practical and safe.
FLEXA offers an alternative to all these problems: a resin component which is cured by UV light (ultraviolet).
FLEXADOME, practical, fast and environmentally friendly, for the realization of three-dimensional tags and labels.

The primary advantages of this new system can be summarized as follows:

  • Extreme convenience in the start-up and shutdown of the system
  • No mixing of components and this eliminates the possible formation of bubbles in the resin
  • No presence of harmful components, such as isocyanates, toxic by inhalation or skin contact
  • Improved moisture resistance, compared to polyurethane resins, without formation of bubbles
  • No waste of resin, nozzles and scraps of plastic cartridges
  • Reduced gel time, about 10/12 minutes
  • Extremely simple to use and productive especially if combined with digital time

Three configurations available:

FLEXADOME Advanced System (professional results with high production rates)
FLEXADOME Smart System (professional results but for a non-intensive use)
FLEXADOME Demo Kit (ideal for test evaluation of the system)

All products treated will be protected against UV rays and provided of an excellent flexibility, even for a subsequent application on curved surfaces. A new system, fast and secure for everyone.
Technical features

  • Equipment robust, flexible and easy to assembly
  • Environment sterile unnecessary
  • Resin in a single compound with built-in UV protection (not yellowing), interior and exterior
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Average time to dry 12 minutes
  • Long-life UV lamps thanks to the very short drying cycles
  • The resin can be stored for up to one year (in original container)
  • Easy to use: The system requires no maintenance


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