Air Force IR Glass Dryers

Natgraph's Air Force IR Glass Dryers have the ability to dry typically ‘slow' pine oil and water miscible inks using a combination of Infra Red radiation with Hot Air and / or ambient or refrigerated air cooling from above and below.

These dryers have been designed, developed and manufactured for drying surface coatings applied to glass products from 0.6mm through to 24mm thick and up to 3m wide. This glass is used in the automotive, architectural, domestic appliance, solar energy, electronic display and furniture industries. Whatever the requirement for drying ceramic inks onto glass, Natgraph have a solution.

With 5 standard belt widths, Touch Screen PLC Control System, 4 layouts, combined Hot Air/IR lamp systems, double sided cooling, special transport systems and modular design, this range of dryers is extremely adaptable, versatile and efficient.


  • Touch Screen, PLC Control System
  • High temperature operation, optionally up to 200°C
  • 16 medium wave IR lamps per 2m module
  • High efficiency vented stainless steel reflectors
  • Gas filled lifting arms on hood
  • Modular construction
  • Steel bar or P.T.F.E. coated fibre glass mesh transport systems
  • Castors & jacking feet
  • Colour coded to industry standards
  • Optional recirculation filters
  • Optional inlet filter
  • Optional thyristor control


Inlet Filter

An optional Inlet Filter stack can be fitted to each dedicated air inlet to ensure that the air being drawn into the dryer is free of dirt and dust. This freestanding filter stack has a replaceable, slide in unit, with a filter rating of EU4 (4 microns) and has been designed to maintain air efficiency for the dryer, whilst preventing contamination..

Thyristor Drives

An optional Thyristor Drive can be fitted to control the output of the IR lamps on a percentage basis, this system can be very useful when the effects of the IR can be critical, or are unknown. The Thyristor is controlled by the Touch Screen PLC Control System with a digital output.

Inverter Drives for Fan Motors

An optional Inverter Drive can be fitted to control the air speed at the glass surface. This can be useful when very thin, or metallic inks are to be dried at high speed when the same dryer is normally used to dry the thicker, conventional ceramic inks.



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