Freestanding UV and Compact UV Dryers

Natgraph manufacture a range of Freestanding Ultra Violet (UV) Dryers that has been developed from many years of experience gained in the production of over 500 conveyorised UV Dryers, in daily use world-wide. Natgraph UV dryers are widely acknowledged as the coolest and most efficient available.

These dryers have been designed for curing UV surface coatings applied to promotional, electronic, credit card, glass, display and telecommunications products, as well as 3D objects etc. If there is a UV curable ink available for an application, Natgraph will have a solution.

With 8 standard belt widths, Touch Screen PLC Systems, 4 layouts, optional pre IR, Ozone Filters and Intelligent UV Control Systems, this range of dryers is extremely adaptable, versatile and efficient.

Natgraph also manufacture a range of Compact UV Dryers for applications where space is restricted and less temperature sensitive substrates are to be processed. This range utilises the Natgraph 1m UV Module to provide a high specification UV system in the minimum of floor space.


Freestanding UV Dryers

  •     Touch Screen PLC Control System
  •     High efficiency fully focussed reflectors
  •     Quartz infra red heat filters
  •     Inter-lamp cooling zone
  •     After cure cooling zone
  •     Inlet vacuum hold-down
  •     Castors and jacking feet
  •     Gas filled lifting arms on hood
  •     8 standard model sizes
  •     Optional doped lamps
  •     Optional higher power output

Compact UV Dryers

  •     Touch Screen PLC Control System
  •     High efficiency fully focussed reflectors
  •     Quartz infra red heat filters
  •     Vacuum hold-down under lamps
  •     Castors and jacking feet
  •     Gas filled lifting arms on hood
  •     7 standard model sizes
  •     Optional Intelligent UV Control System
  •     Optional Ozone Filter


Drop Down Inlet

A drop down inlet module has been developed by Natgraph for use when a dryer is in production with a cylinder press. This consists of a stainless steel table fitted with a vacuum system and transport belts. The table can be lowered to allow the operator easy access to the screen frame for cleaning etc. The table is moved by pneumatic cylinders, operated by one of 2 safety key switches (one located on either side of the dryer). This module is available for all sizes of Natgraph Air Force Dryers and adds 500mm to the length
of the dryer. These modules require a compressed air supply.

Ozone Filters

Natgraph have designed ozone filter assemblies to operate with their range of UV Dryers. Ozone gas is produced by UV lamps and must be extracted from the dryer efficiently. The ozone is normally extracted from the dryer through ducting to the outside of the building. All of Natgraph's UV Dryers have an efficient and fully sealed extraction system to ensure that all the ozone produced is removed.

If there is no easy route to the outside of the factory, or there are environmental reasons that gases or noise should not be emitted from the factory, the ozone must be removed by a filter system. Natgraph's Ozone Filter does this and also allows the heat generated by the UV dryer to be re-used within the factory, thus saving on heating costs.

There is a replaceable pre-filter that removes any airborne particles within the unit. If this filter is regularly replaced, then the charcoal filters within the unit will never need to be changed. These units are designed to function without reducing the efficiency of the UV dryer.



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