Air-Force Dryers

Natgraph manufacture a range of Air Force Dryers that has been developed from many years of experience gained in the design and production of over 700 Forced Air Conveyorised Systems, that are in use world-wide.

These units have been designed, developed and manufactured for drying surface coatings applied to graphics, glass, medical products, textiles, automotive, electronics and aerospace etc, so no matter what the application, Natgraph have a solution.

With 7 standard belt widths, Touch Screen PLC Control System, 4 layouts and modular design, this range of dryers is extremely adaptable and offers the versatility and efficiency that is required in today’s production environments.


  • Touch Screen, PLC Control System
  • Motor/vee belt, fan assemblies
  • Fully insulated
  • Easy access hoods
  • Extraction control
  • Vacuum hold-down
  • Modular construction
  • P.T.F.E. fibre glass belt
  • Castors & jacking feet
  • Colour coded to industry standards


A variety of options are available for the range of Natgraph Air Force Dryers, these are intended to make the dryer more productive and versatile, whilst ensuring they fit into the intended location as efficiently and economically as possible.

Extended inlets and outlets

The inlet and the outlet of these dryers can be extended to enable the dryer to operate with more than one printing machine, or allow extra time for ‘ink flow’. These extensions are in multiples of 0.5m or 1m sections and can be fitted with vacuum hold-down systems.

Power Supply Socket Outlets

Electrical power supply socket outlets can be fitted at each end of the dryers, these are intended to provide an electrical supply for the printing machine and Stacker or Vibrating Collection Tray. This facility means that only one cable needs to be provided to supply the complete printing line, thus saving on installation costs.

CCTV Stack Monitoring System

A colour CCTV system can be fitted to all Natgraph dryers. This system includes a freestanding, mast mounted, camera above the stacker and a dedicated TV monitor mounted on a fully adjustable stand above the inlet of the dryer, which allows the operator to see the stacker without leaving the printing machine; a very important consideration when operating long, high speed, fully automatic printing lines.

Layout & Paint Finish

Air Force Dryers can be manufactured in any layout to suit the intended location or printing machine. The controls and ducting can be positioned on either side of the dryer which can result in significant space saving.
Natgraph also have the ability to finish these units in industry standard machine colours, so that a new dryer will match existing print lines, or a customer’s house colours.
Natgraph Air Force Dryers are mostly manufactured in single, double or triple module combinations, these are from 3.5m upwards in length and the final specification is dependent upon the production speeds required and the drying rate of the ink. The best way to determine the ideal specification is to carry out drying trials in Natgraph’s Nottingham based ‘Drying Solution Centre’, which is available to all.



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